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Source: Tracy Frank – INFORUM

Games Galore of Fargo has signed an extended contract with Oklahoma-based Murphy Brothers Carnival to provide inflatable games at carnivals throughout the United States.

This is a big opportunity for the Fargo company, which opened in 2006, said owner Dave Lerud.

“It’s a huge contract for Games Galore because it gives us the chance to work with thousands of people with Murphy Brothers Carnivals,” Lerud said.

Games Galore will have a presence at state fairs in Oklahoma, New Mexico and North Dakota, as well as at county fairs in Arkansas and Minnesota.

This is the second year Murphy Brothers Carnival and Games Galore will be at the Red River Valley Fair, which is July 9-17 in West Fargo.

Bryan Schulz, Red River Valley Fair general manager, said fairgoers reacted positively to having inflatable rides at the fair.

“There are kids who don’t enjoy going on the rides that go around in circles and up and down, and this way gives some of the smaller ones the opportunity to bounce around and slide in a very safe atmosphere,” Schulz said.

Last year, Games Galore worked with Murphy Brothers on a trial basis, Lerud said.

Jerry Murphy, Murphy Brothers Carnival president, said reactions were very positive.

“It adds a lot of action for the younger children at the fair,” Murphy said. “When you go to a fair, the more exciting rides, or fun foods, or different things, it’s all about an experience.”

The rides Games Galore offers at the carnivals include an obstacle course, a water slide that is 22 feet high and 60 feet long, and a play area designed for children ages 2 to 6.

“Take the water slide on a 90-degree day in Arkansas, there’s going to be a line of 75 kids the whole time,” Lerud said, adding that the obstacle course and bounce houses are also very popular.

Hal Terrell of Fargo, a Games Galore employee, takes the games to the carnivals, and Games Galore hires locally to watch the games, Lerud said.

Corey Heiser, Games Galore managing partner, coordinates lining up labor for the carnivals.

Games Galore has two new locations this year and expects to keep growing with Murphy Brothers, Lerud said.

“Murphy Brothers is adding more sites all the time,” he said.

Games Galore buys its games from professional manufacturers the company connects with through the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo.

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The first full week of 2009 is here – but we still have a couple of people in the newsroom to make choices for their favorites of 2008.

Today, it’s photojournalist Perry Moll’s turn.

His first choice takes us to a big annual event to meet one of the people who make it run.

Debbie Kuehn was the reporter for this story from the State Fair.

In the sweltering heat of a July afternoon,thrillseekers line up for the Viper… a carnival ride that promises to thrust you into the air and spin you into a state of oblivion.

Yes, it’s a lot like the other rides here at the state fair… except for him….

In spite of the fact that it is sticky and stiffling… John Whitfield puts a new spin on things. He’s determined to keep smiling.

John Whitfield/ Murphy Brothers Carnival-” To be honest, it’s not easy to stay positive, but you have to remember it’s not about you. It’s about the public that comes and pays for a service. And that service, they dmand and they should have the best.”

John decided long ago his job on the midway was going to be more than a paycheck.

And so though he has routinely ushered hundreds, even thousands of riders on board, there is renewed enthusiasm.

It’s a philosophy for life….

John-“Everybody here is a people pleaser. because we have to put ourselves to the side to maintain safety and family entertainment.”

And a promise to himself.

John- I like to have fun…

And by sharing his smile with others… John has discovered personal satisfaction…

John-“What makes a good day for me is when these kids come by and say hey there’s the guy from the viper. That’s a cool ride. That’s it for me!”

And that’s something more valuable than a paycheck…

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