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About the same time that Nevada became a state on October 31, 1864, American carnivals were coming into their own as the newest and most exciting entertainment around using horse-powered ‘ups and downs’ (four-seated Ferris wheel type rides), and merry-go-rounds, plus offering side shows and games of chance.

Since that time both Nevada and carnivals have grown proportionately so that it is fitting they share the spotlight together for this coming Nevada Days Birthday Celebration with the RSVP Nevada Days Fair open today through Sunday at Mills Park in Carson City.

This will be the 23rd year that RSVP has joined in the Nevada Days festivities, and they will again bring the Davis Shows Northwest Carnival with their newest rides.

This year’s rides include the Drop Zone, Pharaohs Furry, Octopus, Ghost Party, Ferris Wheel, Hurrican, and Tornado. There will also be plenty of kiddie rides for the little ones like the Berry go Round, Mini Jets, ‘Bulgy the Whale and Go Gator.

The carnival opens at noon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All-day ride passes are $23, but with a $5 Super Carnival Discount Coupon, the all-day ride pass is only $18. The coupon can be downloaded at by clicking on “coupon.”

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