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Source: KSWT 13 News

People come to the Yuma County fair to be turned around and upside down. One thrill they did not expect is for the ground to move beneath their feet.

“I was on this thing and then like I didn’t feel nothing you know I was talking to my friend,” says Lupita Soto who was on one of the rides when the quake hit. Other passengers did not feel the shaking on the rides.

“We were riding the Gravitron and then they made us stop and the guy was like get out get out,” says Matthew Lopez.

Even visitors standing on solid ground were frightened by the sudden shacking.

“I thought it was over then it got worse so I went to the door frame and got freaked out,” says Samantha Foster.

There were no injuries and no damages at the fair, unless you count the sand castle which suffered a minor crack.

Visitors continued to hop on the rides even after the shaking subsided. Safety Inspector, Allan Scanlan, says the rides were checked following the frenzy.

“They’re procedure is to shut the ride down and get the people off as quickly and safely as possible and then they’ll reinspect the ride. Depending on the ride, they’ll be given 30 to 40 items for them to check,” says Scanlan. He also says workers did a good job following protocol. Before long the rides were back in operation.

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