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Source:Connie Whiteley – The Southwest Times

The Seward County 5-State Fair is in full swing today. The carnival started Tuesday evening and runs through Sunday.

The Pride of Texas Carnival has been part of the 5-State Fair since 1971. The carnival opens at 6 p.m. and runs through 11 p.m. today, Thursday and Sunday. The carnival will be open until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

The carnival has 21 rides, including the zipper and the ferris wheel. Setting up the carnival rides usually takes two days, ride supervisor and safety coordinator Tim Harris said. This year however, the carnival pushed to set up in a day and half. The carnival rides were at Garden City through Sunday night then had a quick turnaround for Tuesday’s local opening, Harris said.

Ride admissions are paid through $1 tickets or carnival goers may buy a $20 bracelet for an unlimited number of rides. Most rides require more than one ticket.

Pride of Texas owner Doug Barton feels the bracelets are a better deal than the tickets. On average the cost for a person to ride all rides one time is around $65.
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