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The first full week of 2009 is here – but we still have a couple of people in the newsroom to make choices for their favorites of 2008.

Today, it’s photojournalist Perry Moll’s turn.

His first choice takes us to a big annual event to meet one of the people who make it run.

Debbie Kuehn was the reporter for this story from the State Fair.

In the sweltering heat of a July afternoon,thrillseekers line up for the Viper… a carnival ride that promises to thrust you into the air and spin you into a state of oblivion.

Yes, it’s a lot like the other rides here at the state fair… except for him….

In spite of the fact that it is sticky and stiffling… John Whitfield puts a new spin on things. He’s determined to keep smiling.

John Whitfield/ Murphy Brothers Carnival-” To be honest, it’s not easy to stay positive, but you have to remember it’s not about you. It’s about the public that comes and pays for a service. And that service, they dmand and they should have the best.”

John decided long ago his job on the midway was going to be more than a paycheck.

And so though he has routinely ushered hundreds, even thousands of riders on board, there is renewed enthusiasm.

It’s a philosophy for life….

John-“Everybody here is a people pleaser. because we have to put ourselves to the side to maintain safety and family entertainment.”

And a promise to himself.

John- I like to have fun…

And by sharing his smile with others… John has discovered personal satisfaction…

John-“What makes a good day for me is when these kids come by and say hey there’s the guy from the viper. That’s a cool ride. That’s it for me!”

And that’s something more valuable than a paycheck…

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