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By Alison Meaney – Sun News

In response to an influx of crime stemming from the Forest of the Lost Souls operation on Sugar Ridge Road last fall, City Council is revisiting the ordinance governing circuses, menageries, carnivals and other public exhibitions for the first time since the 1960s.

At the request of Council President Bernadine Butkowski, the safety committee brainstormed the option of requiring criminal history background checks for festival and event operators.

“The disastrous haunted house down on Sugar Ridge caused a lot of problems,” Butkowski said. “We need to know who we’re dealing with.”

This fall thefts from businesses, vehicles and a residence in the area surrounding were linked with haunted forest employees after police discovered a stolen golf cart on the Forest of Lost Soul property.

Four male employees of the Forest of Lost Souls were suspected of receiving stolen property and theft-related crimes. One adult has since been charged, two other adults are facing charges and the fourth has been referred to juvenile court.

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