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Article from the OABA Showtime magazine:

OABA conducted a random survey of ride manufacturers and asked them three questions. Question1: How were sales to the mobile industry this last year? Question 2: What products are you featuring at IAAPA? Question 3: How do you feel about IAAPA going to Las Vegas next year?

Most ride manufacturers reported having good seasons in regard to sales to members of the mobile amusement industry, though the consensus seemed to be that even better years lie ahead.

A.R.M., Inc. >>
Eric Bates, a former OABA director, said, “We have done very well, especially with sales of Super Shots, and conversions of Chance Rotors to Ali Babas or Full Tilts. We have done business with people such as Butch Cory, John Ring, Bobby Hauser, Tom Gaylin, Reithoffer Shows and Deggeller Attractions, to name a few.” Bates said the company has a lot of new prospects, and a new ride under development. The booth, No.5168, at IAAPA, is shared with Jeff Novotny of Larson International. John Hanschen of Mighty Thomas Shows gave an unsolicited testimonial for A.R.M.’s Super Shot, and Majestic’s Wiggle Worm after taking delivery of both at the Montana State Fair, Great Falls. “They’re both family rides that move on one truck, and are affordable. We’re very happy with both,” said Hanschen.

Bates, who also operates Bates Brothers Amusement Co., said bad weather had hurt part of his carnival’s season. “But we had one of our better years, despite that. Pennsylvania spots in Pittsfield, Kimberton, and Clearfield held up well as did the Canfield, Ohio Fair, over Labor Day. You can’t beat Mother Nature, but our route is stronger than ever.”

Bates said the IAAPA move to Las Vegas would probably have a negative effect. “I do feel it will impact the IAFE and SLA shows, being only a week or two weeks apart. It will become an awkward situation, at best.”

Dalton Kid-Ride Rebuilders >>
Kevin Dalton said business has been very good this year, and he is still trying to make up the work hours he lost when he took a long Labor Day weekend. He has sold trailer mounted quad runners to Jeff Brady and Johnny Miller in the last couple weeks, and for the season, “more than I can shake a stick at.” He said, “It has capacity of 20 and fits on standard Hamptons. It racks all in front and pulls well. There is extra space in the back for golf carts or whatever. I have delivered 16 this year, with sales coming mostly from word of mouth, though I always exhibit at the Gibsonton show.”

Dalton has not exhibited at the IAAPA show in four years, but he will walk the floor. He doesn’t see how a move of the show to Las Vegas will be advantageous. “I have found a niche, doing a lot of fences, gates, and easy up entrance work with signs saying welcome to whatever, with 14 feet of clearance, and lots of flags and lights.” Dalton said he’s also in the process of putting, “a little bitty tractor ride together at the request of Don Deggeller. Weather has been great for more than three weeks this summer in the Midwest and fairs have boomed in Illinois. My manufacturing is keeping me busy.”

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